Are betta fish smart?

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Are betta fish smart?

crown tail betta fish

Everyone likes to look at the colorful fishes in the aquarium.

But have you ever thought of what they think?

Do they have intelligence?

Are betta fish smart?

Yes, betta fish are intelligent. In fact, they are one of the most intelligent animals out there.

How intelligent are betta fish?

You see my betta fish recognize me and follows my finger and even tries to greet me by jumping out of the water!

Betta fish can be trained easily. There is a connection between intelligence and training. Animals that are not intelligent cannot be trained. Semi intelligent fish can be trained, but it is difficult to do so. On the other hand, bettas can be trained easily. So, now you know where bettas judgment stand.

A betta fish needs both mental and physical stimulation, so they can live a healthy complete life. If you want your bettas to be happy and healthy, then you must fulfill their need for food as well as need so intelligence stimulation.

How to keep your betta stimulated?

There are many ways to keep your bettas stimulated. Giving them the thrill of the chase can be one of the ways. You can give something to your betta to hunt down. Live food can be used in the aquarium, that way the betta will chase after the food and get some activity.

You can also play around with your bettas.

This can be done by using laser lights, flash it in front of them to make them chase the light.

laser light for betta fish

If you are using this technique, then try avoiding bettas eye. They have sensitive eyes, and if they are affected you bettas won’t be able to chase anything anymore. Bettas hunt when they see something. If they cannot see anymore, then they will not chase and hunt.

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How to train a betta fish?

betta fish toys

Now that you know that bettas are intelligent, you should know how you can train them. You can teach them to jump out of the water and touch your finger. This is really simple, and easy to train your betta.

Train your betta to bounce off the water At first, take a food pallet on your finger.

Place your finger about the surface of the water. The betta should be able to see the food and then jump above the water to get it.

betta eats these insects

You can continue this practice for a week. Each time you are training the betta fish, try holding your finger a bit higher than the last time.

After a week, you can hold your finger above the water, this time hold your finger without food pallet. You will see the betta fish have sprung from the water to touched your finger. This is one of the simple techniques, you can teach your betta.

Sometimes the betta doesn’t respond the way mentioned above. If that is the case, it means your betta isn’t used to the idea of the game yet. So, you will need to take more time and continue training with food pallet.

Betta fish training kit Another interesting way, to train your betta fish is to use a fish school kit. The kit is called R-2 fish school. It contains various tools with which you can train your bettas.

There are tools that you can use, to train your betta to swim through rings. Again the kit consists of a wand. The wand can act as a food resource, and your betta gets used to following the wand.

So, with little training, you can use the wand to direct your betta what you want to do. When you are training your betta, remember to treat the betta as positive reinforcement.

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How to interact with betta fish?

betta fish hoop

Betta fish needs interaction with you. Since betta fish are intelligent, they need activities to keep them from being bored. In this case, they need to look up to you for interaction. However, sometimes betta might find friends in the aquarium that are interactive. If that is the case, then it doesn’t have to depend on you for a good time.

Who can be a friend to the betta?

flowerhorn cichlid

You can get other interactive fish for the betta. One example of interactive fish is the Flowerhorn cichlid. Similar to bettas, they are interactive, and intelligent as well. So, they can be a good friend to you betta while you are busy with your work.

How bettas try to get your attention?

Since betta fish are smart, they will want your attention when they are bored. You might notice your betta running to and fro from this end to the other end of the tank. This is one of the ways that they show they want attention.

If you have been training your betta to jumps off the water then, it might try that technique too.

You might notice it jumps off when you look at them. These are some of the ways bettas try to get your attention.

How betta fishes recognize you?

betta fish resting

This might surprise you, but bettas can recognize you. They can recognize your voice and face. As it was mentioned before, bettas act on sight.

They can remember faces and approach a familiar face, or run away and act aggressively with new faces. In a similar way, they can identify your voice too.

Since the sound is a vibration when you speak the vibration reach your betta through the water. Bettas are sensitive to these vibrations and can tell if it is coming from their owner. So, you can expect your betta to act friendly when you are near the aquarium.

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Bettas are smart fish, and you can train them in different ways with the help of tool kits. Along with that, bettas have long and attractive fins which make them perfect fish for an aquarium.

Although they are beautiful and feels like it is a must-have fish in your collection, taking care of bettas can be difficult. They have an aggressive nature which you must understand to keep them in a tank. If you learn how to take care of the bettas properly, you will surely be rewarded for the hard work.

Since bettas are smart fish that can be trained and play with, they can sure make your aquarium times interesting.