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Is Betta Fish Farmed?

Thai Fish Farms Found Cruelty Death at Facilities Providing Pet Shops

Some of the Thai fish farms found cruelty death at facilities providing pet shops in Bangkok are the same facilities that provide animal cruelty.

They have been found to be supplying cheap or unbranded fish that do not have sufficient nutrition for their healthy growth.

  • These fish farms do not even have enough space to house their fish, let alone a proper place where they could properly grow and thrive.
  • As a result, these fish do not have enough space to swim around, nor enough room to eat.
  • They do not have sufficient space to move around on the tank.
  • They are fed and kept in these fish tanks only for a short time and the food and water supply used by the fish is not cleaned.
  • This is because these fish farms are providing low-quality food, which is full of chemicals that can actually damage the fish.
  • Fish farms found cruel death in facilities supplying pet shops in Bangkok are not regulated properly or are not even inspected by authorities.

This is because these fish farms provide low-quality food that is not healthy for the fish and the facility is actually not required to monitor this kind of fish farm for its health.

It is also not mandated to inspect the facilities supplying pet shops in Bangkok, unless and until the facility is found to be violating animal-welfare laws.

Inhumane Discoveries Included Fish Gasping For Air in Waterless Trays

In this case, rather than forcing the fish to fight to the death they are forced to suffocate from the effects of the environment on their delicate bodies.

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They are simply gasping for air in small waterless trays until they die.

inhumane discoveries included fish gasping for air in waterless trays

The Humane Discoveries In this case the inhumane discoveries included fish gasping for air in waterless trays.

It is important to note however that these tanks are often quite small, even by the standards of aquaculture.

Farm Raise Betta Fish In Plastic Bags Covering Warehouse Floors

beta fish farmed in bottles or bags covering entire warehouse floors

It’s very common that aquarium shops have these kinds of fish for sale.

These fish are also sold in bottles or bags as well. The truth is that there are more than half of these fish for sale that come from different places all over the world.

It’s not just a big business for the companies, but it’s also a good hobby for a lot of people. Some people actually like these fish and keep them at home. That’s why they are selling the product so that they can earn money by having more fishes around their houses.

This kind of fish has been known to grow up to three times larger than the size of your hand. They are perfect for aquariums, because they are easy to feed and breed with other kinds of fish. You will be able to get some of the most amazing creatures out of these fish if you can raise them the right way.

Betta Fish Suffering the Moment They’re Born on Massive Breeding Farms

Betta fish suffering the minute theyre born on massive breeding farms

It seems like everyone is talking about how horrible Betta fish suffering from the minute they’re born.

I’ve tried all kinds of things to help my little guys, and I will try anything that might work, but what’s the best way to do this? What can you do to help my little guy live a happy life?

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First of all, what you need to know is that most of the fish out there are fed poorly.

This means that the water in their tanks are always dirty, which they hate.

You will have to change the water on a regular basis, and that’s why they are so miserable because they aren’t happy there at all.

How to Avoid a Betta Fish Left to Starve During International Transport

betta fish left to starve for days during international transport

Many pet owners have experienced the dilemma of having their betta fish left to starve for days or even weeks on end during international transportation.

This is a problem that has actually happened many times and it can be incredibly distressing for a betta fish.

The best way to avoid this problem with betta fish is to first make sure that your local aquarium store has the best possible water conditions.

This means that the tank has been pumped up to a specific temperature that will help the water stays at a decent level. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping your betta fish healthy.