Why is My Betta Fish Pacing? A Few Tips

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How Do I Fix an Egg Bound Betta Fish? – Best Way to Treat Betta Bloated Fish

Many owners of betta fish wonder how they can get their beautiful fish to grow.

The process of breeding betta fish is considered by most betta enthusiasts to be one of the most difficult in the hobby.

They have been bred down from the original ancestor that lived 100 years ago in the wild.

  • To learn how to correct this problem and finally get those prized fins, you should be armed with the right information before starting out.
  • One thing that you must understand before you attempt to fix an egg bound Betta fish is that they will not heal their situation on their own.
  • You must make sure that you are doing everything in your power to correct it.
  • One way that you can achieve this is to provide them with a special diet.
  • This may seem like a strange way to go about fixing a egg problem, but it can work well.
  • Their diet has to consist of such things as high protein foods, a lot of calcium.

This sounds like a lot of changes to make and it is for a reason. It takes time for these fish to adjust to new food. If you just start forcing certain foods into their bowls they will simply become defensive and won’t eat at all.

Another way that you can help your Betta fish is to keep the water that they are in warm.

Female Betta Fish Will Absorb the Eggs Most of the Time

  • The female betta fish will expel the unfertilized eggs when it is disturbed or they become ill.
  • The female betta fish will not display any symptoms when they are ovulating unless you catch them ovulating through monitoring the changes in their body temperature.
  • This is the only way to determine that the female betta fish is ready to mate.
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Why Female Fish Egg Binding Does Not Lead to Death

The symptoms of Betta Sickness can often go undetected by inexperienced owners and can sometimes develop into something much more serious such as swim bladder disease.

Female Betta fish should not be stressed or treated roughly, because it will just cause stress to their eggs which will result in improper hatching.

Egg binding is a process that happens when the female fish ovulates regularly.

  • There are actually several events that can trigger ovulation.
  • Fish can experience heatstroke, injury, illness, hormonal fluctuations, and trauma to their genital area.
  • If your female fish is experiencing any of these things and she has not ovulated yet, then she is considered to be infertile.
  • The female fish can also experience internal disease that may lead to egg m that expired and rot inside her body.
  • Symptoms of the internal disease can vary depending on the type of disease. Some of them include diarrhea, blood in the stool, or white patches on the body.

If the betta female did not absorb the eggs it might result into bacterial infection.

Sometimes when you put a betta male inside an egg bound betta female then she might release the eggs

Most of the times the eggs will just fall out of the female betta fish if she was not introduce to a male betta fish for mating.

Sometimes if the eggs does not come out of the body or if it is not absorbed by the female betta fish then a gentle hand stripping using a Q tip to aid in the release of the unfertilized eggs might help but it might result into mishandling and fish may die.

Why Daphnia Fish Can be an alternative for egg bound betta female fish

Daphnia great food and also helps with cleaning out female fish eggs.

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Daphnia also relaxes the muscles of the female betta fish which are egg bound and thereby releases it naturally.

This is a good food because it helps with cleaning out female fish eggs, because it is a laxative effect on the female betta fish.

They also help with increase the metabolic rate of the fish so that the egg bound betta fish can come out naturally out of their body.

Sometimes the older betta females run into issues with the binding of eggs.

Fish Don’t Die From Egg Binding but from Infection

Many people think that fish don’t die from egg binding they die from infection.

The truth is the egg becomes stale and rotten.

This may seem like a contradiction but the truth is it is caused by bacteria, this type of bacteria is found in fish and the bacteria releases toxins when the eggs becomes stale.

The way to stop this from happening is to prevent stress and ensure the fish has enough food and water.

When you do this, you are less likely to have your fish get stressed.

So, does the fish that have been stressed die from egg binding?

Well the answer is yes, sometimes fish die from this but usually the reason why they die is due to the body not being able to keep up with the demands of the fish starts to get sick.

You may also notice your fish changing colour and it may be because of the stress it is under, if this is happening your fish is probably very sick and needs help. When it comes to stress your fish can stop laying eggs but not die as they don’t die from egg binding.

Stress can be caused by many things from poor water quality, disease, over feeding, a sudden change in diet and a lack of water or nutrition.

  • It is important that the fish is given the best chance of recovery and is fed well to give it the energy it needs.
  • If you have the right fish food and water, you won’t have to worry about your fish stress because their chances of survival will be high.
  • Some fish are more stressed than others and some fish will simply lay eggs every day but won’t live long.
  • Other fish will tend to break down more slowly, which is when they can die from stress.
  • It’s really a matter of knowing what to feed your fish and how to feed it and the type of fish that you have and then feeding it correctly so that it can recover from stress and live a healthy and longer life span.
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