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Betta Fish Anatomy HighLights

betta fish anatomy
betta fish anatomy
betta fish anatomy
betta fish anatomy

I have a rundown on how to properly take care of a betta fish. In this section, i will be explaining the various anatomy of the betta fish and it helps to know why they have such unique behavior.

The fighting fish has a special organ and it is unique for its species to survive. The organ called Labyrinth allows the betta fish to breathe air from the surface.

From time to time to goes to the surface to gulp atmospheric air.

This is evident in their natural habitat wherein they are situated in the rice paddies and at times the water is muddy. If the gills have a hard time breathing then this Labyrinth can act as another option.

The betta fish will be able to live in very bad water conditions with low oxygen so the Labyrinth comes into good use.

I have detailed betta fish anatomy introduction here.

Betta Fish Food and Feeding Highlights

betta fish live food
betta fish live food

Proper care for your betta fish comes into mind if you provide a variety of foods.

The betta splendens are a carnivorous type of fish and have very sharp teeth which are comparable to a shark. If this would be as big as s shark then it would be more powerful in crushing and capturing its prey, especially on the surface.

By nature the betta fish hunts on the surface where most of the victims are found.

There are different types of food available for your betta splendens :

  • pellets
  • flakes
  • frozen / live

There is a detailed explanation of the type of foods that the betta fish food consumption information section found here.

My favorite choice is pellets simply because they are already prepared and formulated to contain all the protein, vitamins and minerals needed by the betta fish.

But of course, from time to time I always feed them frozen brine shrimp.

The link on betta fish food and feeding guide shows you a comprehensive list of what you can offer your beautiful and intelligent pet.

Betta Fish Care When On Vacation Highlights


We all need a break from work and sometimes our favorite pet is left to themselves.

The best option is always to get help from your siblings, neighbor or caretaker.

But sometimes it is better to contend without the human factor because sometimes they tend to make some minor mistakes when feeding since they are not familiar with your aquatic pet.

There are several options to handle this situation of you are away for a week or a couple of weeks at most.

There are some things that you need to buy before you go on your well-deserved holiday.

  • Automatic fish feeder
  • timer

It would be essential to feed your betta fish to proper amount only, so you have to make sure that only a small amount of food will be dispensed on your chosen automatic fish feeder.

To simulate day and night while you are on vacation. There is a cheap alternative to do this by installing a timer on the lighting fixture on your aquarium. It would automatically switch the light during the day and turn off at night.

Here is the complete and detailed information on the: Betta fish care instructions while you are on vacation.

Betta Fish Tankmates Highlights

afrian dwarf frog
African dwarf frog

When you choose a 10-gallon tank, sometimes you would like to have your betta fish some companions on the fish tank.

I have a detailed featured betta fish tank mates link on what kind of tank mates that will be suitable for your betta fish.

Normally it really depends on how big that you decided to house your betta fish if you wanted to have a community fish tank with your betta splendens.

I have a personal setup of a 15 gallons aquarium fish tank with the following betta tank mates :

  • danio
  • dwarf gourami
  • Cory catfish
  • rasbora
  • black skirt barb
  • African dwarf frog

It is very nice to see that they are living in harmony and there is absolutely no problem with all the betta fish mates in the betta fish tank.

I normally feed them flakes and frozen brine shrimp most of the time and just top up the water every week.

My aquarium setup is a DIY aquaponics wherein i do not have to change the water anymore on my fish tank since the ammonia and nitrate are always zero.

My plants consume the nitrates and ammonia since it is considered the building blocks and most essential food.

My aquaponics is an ecosystem in itself where I just add water to keep its level and never have to clean except of course I still have a filter which I clean it occasionally like once a month or once in every 2 months when it is just rinsing off excess food particles.


betta fish community tank
betta fish community tank

The betta fish care highlights entail a summary on how to properly maintain your betta fish.

It can be a more complicated setup with betta fish tank mates or a simple 5 gallons betta tank.

As i have mentioned that my betta fish tank is a DIY aquaponics where even if the setup is housing several species of fish and the African dwarf frog there is not much maintenance needed.

Sometimes when I go for a 1-week vacation there is fish food that can be bought that releases the edible particles that the fish can consume from the usual feeding of the betta fish food pellets which is the preference that I have mentioned before.

Your betta fish tank would be more enjoyable if it contains a variety of fishes.

You just have to make sure in which type of setup you have decided.

Your setup can go as big as a 20 gallons setup in which you can put more betta fish tank mates. Your aquarium would be more rewarding and enjoying after a hard day’s work for you to enjoy.

Even a small 5 gallons betta fish tank setup with a DIY aquaponics setup is an awesome sight to see on a betta and Cory catfish.

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