Setting Up Fish Tank

Have you decided where to place your aquarium? Will it be at your office desk or home office.

You have to follow some basic and easy preparation to make this new-found hobby which will bring you years of enjoyment.

It is very exciting on the idea of setting up your aquarium to accommodate the Betta Fish.

I will be giving you a rundown on what are the necessary and essential things to buy beforehand when you are preparing the abode for your Siamese fighting fish tank.

Aquarium Essentials

To be able to set up your first aquarium fish tank you will be needing to have some essentials.

This is the list that you need to get everything started on the right track.

  • Fish tank
  • small net
  • heater
  • gravel
  • plants
  • decor
  • shipon to clean gravel debris
  • water test kit

It would be advisable to select an aquarium fish tank with everything so that it would not be a guessing game for you and the confusion on what items to buy.

This relieves you on the guesswork.

You have to make sure that at least all the necessary essentials that I have mentioned above will be included with the betta fish tank.

Aquarium Setup

setup betta fish tank infographics

Office Desk
Office Desk

When you are deciding what kind of aquarium you will be needing to buy, you have to determine where you are going to place it.

Fisk Tank
Fisk Tank

You have to make a decision on how many fishes will be in the aquarium fish tank. The number of fishes would indicate the size of the aquarium that you will be needing.

Fish Mates
Fish Mates

If you are planning to buy one Betta Fish then the 2.5 gallons or 3 gallons will be appropriate. If you are planning to put a cleaner fish like Cory and maybe some tetras, rasboras, and guppies then a larger fish tank like 5 to 10 gallons will be more appropriate.

If you wanted to keep 3 betta fish in an aquarium design with waterfall effect then it would also be nice just to buy that specific aquarium betta fish design.

There are a lot of aquarium variations that are available now and there are even aquariums that have minimal maintenance on the aquaponics aquarium type that you put a real plant so that there will be virtually no harmful ammonia since the plant’s food is ammonia.

Aquaphonics where water lilies are used
Aquaponics where water lilies are used

I think this is a very good setup with aquaponics aquarium type since the plant and the betta fish have a symbiotic relationship where both of them benefits from each other.

The fishes provide the necessary nutrients needed by the plant and the plant, in turn, makes the water habitable for the fish.

1. It is suggested that you place the betta fish tank on top of a stand. Make sure that the floor is even and able to withstand the total weight of the aquarium and water combined which is approximately 10 lbs per gallon of water.

You have to make sure that it is not directed to the sunlight. You will be doing a lot of cleaning which is unnecessary because your water will turn into dark green from sunlight and the temperature in the fish tank will not be consistent.

2. When you are washing the betta fish tank, you have to make sure that you should not use harmful soap or detergent. Just use tap water to clean the fish tank.


Of course, you have to wash the gravel, tank decor and fake plants ( in case you choose this option from real plants )

3. Place the under gravel filter at the bottom of betta fish tank. This is the most common type of setup. The newer betta fish tank might not come with under gravel filter, it may be situated on the side or mounted on top of the aquarium fish tank.

The gravel must be thoroughly free from debris and dust particles. Rinse it several times with tap water until the water is clear.

4. Add the gravel to the under gravel filter and gently make it a slowly sloping landscape. Just make sure that it is around 1 to 2 inches in height covering the under gravel filter.

5. Basically, install the decors and plants on the betta fish tank.

Properly attach the aquarium heater with the suction provided on the Siamese fighting fish tank and make sure that it is secure.

6. Slowly add water to the betta fish tank and make sure that the water is clear and clean.

Add the water conditioner and de-chlorinator to the fish tank when you are using the tap water as the source.

There are specific instructions on the water de-chlorinator and how many ml for your chosen fish tank size.

7. Make sure that when you plug all filter, aerator and light that the power cord has a dip to ensure that water will not flow into the electrical outlet causing a short circuit and tripping your house or office breaker.

Power Cord Dip to avoid short circuit
Power Cord Dip to avoid short circuit

This is a very important step that you must observe!

Aquarium Water Stabilization

After all the washing and arranging the betta tank. After you have added the water conditioner and de-chlorinator, you have to let it sit for at least a few days for the water to stabilize.

Aquarium Water Testing
Aquarium Water Testing

You have to keep on testing and monitor the water condition.

If you are very far from a fighting fish store then it would be advisable to buy a freshwater aquarium test kit.

But if the fish store is within your daily work route or near your home then they normally test the water for free. You just have to bring a small container and have them test it before you do anything else like adding the Siamese fighting fish.

This comes to mind that you have to begin the Nitrogen Water Cycle to make sure that all the parameters are habitable for the betta fish and if you have decided to add other fish mates in the betta fish tank.

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

Making sure that everything is ready for the betta fishes, you have to start doing the nitrogen water cycle to be on the safe side.

This will ensure that the fish tank is the correct water conditions like hardness, pH level, ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites so that when you are introducing the fighting fish, it will not die immaturely.

The water has to be 100% suitable for the fish in order to have a long healthy life.


Fighting Fish
Fighting Fish

After the steps have been done. You can start enjoying your betta fish!

Make sure that you feed the fighting fish just once a day with 2 to 3 pieces of recommended betta fish pellets.

When you are feeding your betta fish at the same time see if the filter, heater are functioning accordingly.

If you have chosen an aquaponics aquarium then you just have to top up the water every week.

If your betta aquarium fish tank is the traditional common types then you have to do 25% water changes every 2 weeks to ensure optimum conditions.

I sincerely hope that this startup guide covered everything that you need to set up your first betta fish tank.