Does Betta Fish Food Expire?

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Do betta fish like music?

singing to your betta fish


Betta fish are an extremely lucrative variety of pet fishes.

The flamboyant colours and the eloquent gait in which they surf the water tanks, makes them a lovely sight to see. No doubt, it can be seen as a pet in several homes and office spaces.

They are the widely owned pet fishes around the world. Betta fishes generally have a lifespan of two to two and a half years which can sometimes even stretch up to eight to ten years. It all depends upon the kind of environment and the care you exhibit in handling your betta fish.

All about the specie called betta fish

Betta fish are a member of the gourami family of fishes. Betta fish is not referred to a single specie of fish but to a variety of around 70 different fish species.

my very active betta fish

They are known to be territorial fishes and have an aggressive personality. Sometimes they even charge up on fellow betta fishes. Males are specifically more dominant and aggressive than the females. Males are also bigger and brighter than females.

Betta fish prefer to swim alone and can survive out of water also for short periods of time. This is simply because they are a labyrinth fish, enabling them to extract oxygen straight out of the air.

Why are betta fish so popular?

There are several reasons for their popularity. Firstly, you will find them coming in all the vibrant colours – orange, blue, purple, red or even yellow. Sometimes they can also be found in bright shade of marble. The interesting thing being some of them may change their colour over time.

Secondly, there is very low maintenance that goes into keeping a betta fish as a pet. All you need is around 3 gallons of water and a small filter.

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Thirdly, the betta fish are known to be a very interesting specie. They keep on doing something fascinating like jumping over objects in the aquarium or make bubbles.

And fourth and foremost they are easily available in the market due to their wide popularity. Having them adorn your home set up gives a decorative edge to the aesthetics of the house.

How do the betta fish hear?

Before getting to the question – do betta fish like music, it is necessary to develop an understanding on how do they hear.

All animals with hearing sensations have an organ called ears to absorb and interpret sound vibrations. But sadly, betta fish do not have them.

But wait, that does not mean that they cannot hear your voice or even listen to music!

There are a few small holes in the region near their ears. These form the hearing organs for the betta fish. Apart from sight and instinct, hearing is an important tool for the betta fish to stay clear from obstacles and predators in the wild.

Sound is known to travel at a faster pace in water than through air. The sound vibrations like music, noise, voice, etc., that travels through the air, enters water and travels through in it. This is the simple reason why betta fish is able to hear in water.

Do betta fish like music?

Well this is an important question that many are looking for an answer to. First of all let us be clear that fishes are not as intelligent as animals. Second, betta fishes are way more intelligent than other fishes owing to their greater ability to adapt and perceive things.

But really do betta fish like music?

There are high chances that you might have been playing your favorite genre of music and listening to them one after the other in front of your betta fish. Contemporary, classical, R&B, metal or Hip Hop, the betta fish might have responded differently to each genre of music. Or it might have indifferent to each!

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Whatever might have been the reason, you need to be clear about one thing. There is absolutely no evidence to show that betta fish enjoy music. On the other hand, there is no reason to believe that they hate it. For them music and voices are just sound vibrations. They respond differently to them.

That said, it might still be a great idea to play some soft music on low volume and let your betta fish wiggle with all their enamour.

Observations of some proud owners

Some owners of betta fish have noticed a very warm reaction of their betta fish when they are made to listen to music. Betta fish seem to wiggle along with the tune of the music. This is an amazing sight to see for the owners.

Some betta fish have even been observed to swim around the aquarium while the music is playing. Now it is actually difficult to say whether this is an outcome of excitement or reaction. Whatever it is, the betta fish seems to enjoy it and there is no reason for us to give a miss to it!

So always enjoy your time with your betta fish.

Tips to play music

Though betta fish might be indifferent to any kind of music that you play, it would be preferable to play something that is very soft and soothing. Hard rock and metal music might be avoided as it might produce strong vibrations that could irritate the betta fish.

Maybe an instrumental mix of flute and piano would create a soothing impression on your betta pet. You could also play music from YouTube. There are many videos that contain music specifically composed to be played for the fishes.


There is a lot of interest in this topic. Owing to the popularity of betta fishes, people want to know more about what they like and what they do. Betta fish are an amazing personality. They keep exhibiting a vibrant and sporty spirit all the time.

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You will hardly find a betta fish who stays put and does not enjoy. You should always make an attempt to train your betta fish by making it learn some tricks. Also, little of music would definitely be a great way to charm up the nature of your pet.