Why Do Betta Fish Commits Suicide ( 7 Reasons )

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rice paddies natural habitat of betta fish plenty of sunlight

Does Bettas Need Sunlight?

In the wild, do betta fish do not need lots of sunlight just like in the rice paddies where it is the natural habitat. They get a lot of light from the surface of the water and this is where they breed so they do need a source of light.

do betta fish need sunlight

  • Betta fish like a lot of light, because it helps them to stay active.
  • It also helps them digest their food.
  • This is what makes a small amount of light so important for them.

However, you need to be very careful when you place betta fish in aquariums with a lot of sunlight. If you use too much light, your fish could become too acitve and stressed out thinking it is still daytime.

On the other hand, if you don’t use enough light, your fish could end up depressed and lethargy.

The best place for your betta fish is in a room that has light coming into the room but not too much. This way, they can stay active during the day, but at night they will be able to hide and rest comfortably.

  • Another way that you can help to keep your betta fish active is to use some kind of aquarium heater since they are tropical and needs lots of heat.
  • Something else that you might want to think about when you are looking at where your betta fish should go is your house. You will be keeping your fish in a room that you have been living in for a long time. A lot of people will place aquariums near their home to get as much natural light as possible.

But of course, you have to keep in mind that the location should not be in direct sunlight too long or else the water will overheat assuming that your tank size is less than 10 gallons and problem with constant cleaning of algae

It would be best to put a location in the house where there is sunlight for about 30minutes to 1 hour exposure with some plants, window or any object partially shading the betta fish tank.

  • It is not uncommon for them to find a spot in the house where they get plenty of sun during the day, while the fish sleep at night.
  • You might find the fish getting sick because they do not have the natural light that they would in the natural environment. If your fish has been in this spot for a long time, then you will notice that they have begun to slow down and seem stressed.
  • Keep in mind that when you are placing your betta fish in an aquarium, they will need enough natural sunlight so that they can survive.
  • You can provide this with an aquarium heater that you place over the tank. This can allow them to remain active throughout the day while at night they are asleep and still get the same amount of natural light that they get in the natural environment.

But of course, you can always opt for LEDs, CFL, Artificial lights that mimic the natural sunlight in case you cannot put the betta fish near a sunlight location.

Betta Fish Needs Sunlight to Survive

If you are a person who is interested in owning one of these beautiful tropical fish, then it will definitely be good for you to know that a certain Betta fish requires sunlight to survive.

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It has been observed that the fish actually do better in natural habitats rather than in tanks, which contain natural sunlight.

Betta fish are tropical fish needs sunlight natural habitat
  • In fact, Betta fish require sunlight as much as we do since they actually live in areas where it is necessary to have natural light during the day.
  • The reason for this is because they feed in the water by eating algae, plankton, insects and small animals that grow on the surface of the water and when it rains or shines, the light can shine on the water to kill the algae and plankton, which are important sources of food for the fish.

Although it would be best to use artificial light fixtures such as LEDs and fluorescent bulbs instead. These bulbs produce the same amount of light and provide the exact amount of light needed by the fish. When placing the light fixtures on top of the aquarium, make sure that the bulbs are with a distance on the surface of the water.

A lot of people think that placing lights on the surface of the aquarium is not good because it will disrupt the natural habitat, but the truth is that this method actually enhances the natural habitat.

Because of the natural light that is given to the fish through the natural habitat, the fish will have more room for swimming and hiding and they will be less likely to fight. eat the food that they are given.

What Your Betta Fish Needs to Enjoy the Sunlight

betta fish needs sunlight and warm temperature

Betta fish needs direct sunlight and a warm temperature to be healthy. However, you must make sure that the tank you are placing your fish in is not placed directly under a lamp or overhead fixture.

  • To ensure the best fish needs sunlight and a warm temperature, it is important for you to make sure that your tank has the appropriate amount of sunlight and that it is in an area where your fish can easily view the light. The more light they can see, the more likely they are to enjoy the sunlight, which is also what you want for your fish.
  • Another thing you need to consider when caring for your betta fish is that the amount of lighting that you give it is very important.
  • The best thing that you can do for your fish is to place them in the tank with the highest amount of sunlight that you can afford.
  • This will also help to give your fish some comfort because the rays from the sun will help to create a warm environment in the tank.
  • Water that is too cold will also harm your fish. Betta fish thrive in warm water, it is important that they are in an area that is warm enough.
  • This will help to ensure that the water will not harm them and they can enjoy it as much as you do.
  • If you have a warm water tank and you do not have direct sunlight, you will need to make sure that you do your best to keep your water warm enough for your fish by using a betta tank heater.
  • If you are concerned about the water temperature in your home, you may want to consider using some type of thermostat.
  • This is something that you will find in many homes and it can be very helpful to be able to set the water temperature so that it is right for your fish.
  • The best temperature to maintain is from 26 to 28 degrees C for tropical betta fish.
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What Does it Take to Keep Your Betta Fish Indoors?

Betta fish typically need 8 to 12 hours of light

Betta fish typically require 8 to 12 hours of light and this will depend on the time of year and the location of the tank.

It is important to make sure that you provide the correct amount of light and water conditions for your Betta fish.

The fish should get approximately two hours of light per gallon of water as it does for the other fish species.

You should also ensure that your fish are not getting too much light as too much light can cause them to die.

The temperature in your Betta fish tank should be at approximately twenty-five degrees. You should also ensure that you keep the heater on always since they are tropical fish.

Betta Fish Needs 12 To 16 Of Darkness To Sleep

If you’ve never seen a betta fish sleep, then you are missing out on a really beautiful animal.

Betta fish require a good amount of light to rest in, and if they do not get it they will end up swimming around all day and night.

So if you want your betta fish to enjoy life to the fullest, you need to provide him with the proper lighting.

betta fish needs 12 to 16 of darkness to sleep
  • The type of lights your betta fish needs to survive depend on what type of fish he is.
  • There are a few basic types of lights that you should have in your tank. It is best to keep a mixture of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, but this will vary from one betta fish to another.
  • You should also invest in some kind of UVB lighting for your betta fish, as it is very important that he gets enough of the light to function properly.
  • If you don’t have any kind of lighting in your tank, you can always use diffused lights to provide the light your betta fish needs.A good rule of thumb to follow is that if a betta fish needs twelve hours of darkness to sleep.

If Your Betta Fish Has Too Much Light It Can Become Overly Stressed

Recommended Betta fish lighting is using LEDs aquarium light is 1 watt or less per gallon

Recommended Betta fish lighting if using fluorescent 1.5 to 3 watts per gallon

If your Betta fish has too much light it can become overly stressed

The best time to give your Betta fish the added lighting is when the tank is not being used. When the tank is not in use, you should not have your Betta fish in there with just any light on because it can cause stress for your Betta fish. You should put a bulb under your water. It’s a good idea to buy some fish tank lighting and get the proper bulb.

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To determine if the bulb in your tank is too much you can try a few different things. When the tank is not in use, take a look at the bottom of the tank and see if there is enough room.

You will know that the bulb in the tank is too much if there are bubbles floating around.

You should always have the light turned off when the tank is not in use. If you find that the bulb does not fit properly under your water, then it may be too much.

Try to have the bulb slightly over the top of the tank so that the water is not disturbed and it will be easier to fit the bulb into your tank.

If you do not find a bulb that works the way you would like, then you should not buy a new one for the tank. The one you currently have may be too much light for your fish and could cause stress. Just make sure you give your Betta fish the extra lighting that it needs and it should be fine.

LED Lights Don’t Encourage Algae Growth

There is one type of light bulb that is being used more than the others to provide light at night and one of these is the LED lights.

These LED lights are very popular because they are very cheap and can be replaced after a certain period of time.

They also do not encourage algae growth unlike the incandescent bulbs.

The incandescent bulbs emit a very high heat level, which makes it easier for the algae to grow.

The LED lights are great because they only emit a small amount of heat making the algae growth impossible.

The LED lights use very little electricity and are considered eco friendly and they help save the environment from the algae that is growing in the waters.

LEDs mimic natural sunlight dont encourage algae growth