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Why Do Axolotl Eat Their Poop and How to Stop Them?

Would you ever think your dog would ever start eating their poop because they are so hungry?

Axolotl pooping as a way to get rid of toxins in the body and also get their daily nutrients.

If your Axolotl eats their poop, they aren’t getting the protein they need.

Axolotl need lots of protein in order to stay healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, most Axolotl owners don’t realize this fact. So, here are some reasons why your pet might be eating their own poop.

axolotl eat their poop because they are very hungry

Some dogs are just genetically inclined to have such a condition to eat anything without using proper senses.

Other Axolotl just eat what in front of them when they are stressed out, frustrated, and tired from a lack of activity.

Axolotls will eat their poop if they aren’t getting much exercise and they don’t have enough food to satisfy their hunger.

Sometimes Axolotl will eat their poop because they are so hungry that they have to get it out of there before their body craves another meal.

I know it sounds terrible but it is a very real reason. Many Axolotl will eat just about anything so long as it is within the tank.

They have a natural tendency to eat their own feces.

How to Teach Your Axolotl Not to Eat Their Poop

Axolotls eat their poop by thinking its food sounds funny?

axolotl eat their poop by thinking its food

First, you have to be pretty certain that your Axolotl has stopped eating its poop to quickly scoop it.

Second, your Axolotl is going to continue to eat his or her poop until it has completely finished digesting it.

As long as the Axolotl is constantly being fed and is constantly being offered fresh food, there will be very little chance that Axolotl will think it is food.

You need to make sure that you feed him or her smaller portions more often.

Each meal should be smaller than the next.

You can even change up the type of food that you are giving your Axie every so often.

An Axolotl that keeps its digestive system from working properly and from eating all of the food that it needs will become sick. Sick Axies cannot play around and they will not be able to be friendly and happy.

Why Do My Axolotl Poop all the time?

Are you trying to figure out why your Axie is constantly eating their poop by mistake?

axolotl eat their poop by mistake

When Axie start to eat their poop by mistake there are a lot of reasons for it.

One of them is that your Axolotl might be to excited to see something on front and think it is food.

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Another reason is that your Axolotl is very hungry and when there is an opportunity to eat then it will grab anything in front of its mouth.

Solution to this, is too scoop the poop immediately to avoid such problems.

You can help ease your Aloxotl by simply playing with them more, and by giving them their proper food.

Axolotls are very smart animals and as long as you properly train them to eat real food then they will learn not to eat poop!

axolotl eat their poop by mistake

Does Your Axolotl Poop Have An Odor

It has a slightly distinct smell. Just use a siphon or turkey baster to suck it up.

Axolotls usually do not have their scents described as particularly unpleasant.

How Does Axolotls Excrete About 50% of Nitrogenous Waste As urine?

Axolotls will excrete about half of the nitrogenous waste as urine.

Axolotls excrete about 50 of nitrogenous waste as urine

Axolotls with high albumin levels are more likely to have kidney failure. (Axolotls with low albumin are also less likely to have an acute blood loss.)

Because albumin is a component of red blood cells (RBCs), a high level of albumin can indicate an electrolyte imbalance.

Kidney insufficiency can also lead to abnormal kidney function. It can lead to either hypokalemia (low potassium levels) or hyperpulsatile diuresis (high uric acid levels.)

Axolotl Poop Does Not Pose Any Direct Harm to Humans Or Other Axolotls

Axolotl poop does not pose any direct harm to axolotls or humans

Axolotls do not poop just contains ammonia waste and is not toxic. When it comes out it liquifies in the aquarium. So it is best to remove it quickly or use a very good quality water filter to remove the ammonia and waste by products.

How to Use Turkey Baster to Clean and Scoop Poop

It is easy to use a turkey baster to scoop poop and it is recommended to do this regularly.

You can take advantage by using a turkey baster at least three times a week in order to clean your aquarium regularly.

use turkey baster to clean axolotl poop

Now that you know how to use a turkey baster to clean the aquarium, you should be ready for the next step.

It is advisable for you to apply turkey baster in circular motions. After you have applied it properly it should be clean.

Diet Changes Helps Prevent Constipation

Are you constipated because of too much Axolotl?

Bowel or constipation, in essence, is caused by overfeeding and not enough variety of food in the diet.

axolotl is constipated because of overfeeding

One of the simplest diet changes that I have found that helps tremendously is eating a high protein diet.

By changing up your diet occasionally, you can keep your Axie healthy and prevent problems like constipation from happening.

Axolotl Is Constipated Due to Eating Too Much Gravel

It is a fact that gastric bypass surgery can help you reduce your chances of being constipated.

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But, there are some people who think that it is just another means of flushing your system out.

While it can help you do this, it cannot be used as the only reason why you become constipated.

Before undergoing this procedure, you should be able to answer the following question: is axolotl constipated due to eating too much gravel?

axolotl is constipated because of eating fine gravel

If your Axie eat more than two to three ounces of “fine sand” every single day, it will help your be very bad of the health on your Axolotl

But, what happens if Axolotl eat too much gravel?

If you do not know what will happen, digestive tract may become damaged and will have to undergo surgery since it will not pass.

However, this does not mean that Axolotl should stop eating altogether.

You just need to remove any form of gravel substrate in the aquarium which your Axolotl might think it is food.

The Poop of an Axolotl

The feces of an Axolotl is dark brown and almost black in color.

The anal canal is also very slightly swollen and sensitive, with some tears.

The size of an Axolotl’s poop can vary from 1 gram or less in weight. The reason for this is because the size and composition of an Axolotl’s feces are very unique.

Because of their very unique composition, they tend to produce a different kind of stool depending on the size of the Axolotl.

It is somewhat similar to tiger salamander feces. It has a slightly thicker consistency than that of Axolotl feces.

The texture also appears to be somewhat coarse. When an Axolotl tries to hold his stool in, it will sometimes fall out in chunks. The size of these chunks can range from very small to quite large which is 1 to 2 grams!

You can actually see the excrement pass out through an opening in the anal sac, but this is not really necessary if you remember one essential thing: when you look at the poop of an axolotl, you should never see any “large chunks” of flesh along the anal sac. This could very well be fatal to your Pet.

Three Reasons Why Your Axolotl May Not Be Pooping

In order to be able to treat your Axolotl situation, you need to understand the reasons why it happens in the first place.

I’ll give you that information in a second paragraph but for now let’s just take a look at some of the major reasons why your Axolotl may not be pooping.

Believe it or not, many Axolotl owners don’t realize that the biggest reason behind their dogs not pooping is due to improper diet.

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Reasons Why Your Axolotl May Not be Pooping

Now the first reason why your Axolotl may not be pooping is because he may be eating food.

If you want to avoid having to worry about your Axolotl health then you should begin to introduce more variety of foods.

Instead of using traditional foods such as blood worms, you should start using dried, raw, insects and healthy meat.

Healthy Axolotl Expect Some Bowel Movement at Muffles Every Week

The healthy rabbit should have at least one bowel movement every 2 to 3 days with a meal of blood worms.

If you see that your pet is not able to produce a bowel movement at least every 2 to 3 days then it is imperative that you give him medical treatment immediately.

It would be bad to discover that your beloved pet is suffering from fecal impaction and other kinds of diseases if he just delays his medical treatment.

They eat the right diet and get plenty of play time and big space in aquarium tank.

If you observe that your Axolotl is not moving around as much as he used to, he may be suffering from an illness called “glandular dysfunction“.

This condition is more common than many people think it is. Your vet may even suggest that your Axolotl undergoes an operation so that the gravel is being removed.

Axolotls that don’t move around as much as they used to usually have problems sleeping at night.

Try playing or giving them a different toy or treat.

By doing this, you will help build a better bond between the two of you and your pet will feel more relaxed and comfortable around you.