Can betta fish live in cold water?

Can betta fish live in cold water?

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Betta fish are classified as tropical fish.

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And that means they blossom well in warm water temperatures.

But then, that’s not what most marketers say about them. In their marketing efforts, they categorize them as a type of bowl fish, which doesn’t require much attention.

Because of this, it isn’t surprising to find some owners placing them in the water when it’s still icy. And this can pose several health risks to these beautiful creatures.

But that does mean they can’t survive? Or better yet, can Betta fish live in cold water?

Favorable Water Temperature For Betta

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Any water temperature between 76 and 80-degree Fahrenheit is good enough for Betta.

And if we examine this based on the room temperatures of most homes, then it means it’s slightly high.

This is the reason as to why Betta fish prefer living in the low, warm water circulation areas of rice paddies, while in the wild. And so you must provide the exact environment for your fish in your home.

Heating The water

Whether to heat the water for your Betta entirely depends on your room temperature.

Some individuals won’t have to heat it because the heat from the lights and the central heating is similar to that of the tropical.

But if your home is pretty cold, then it’s advisable to invest in a small-sized water heater for that purpose. Be on the lookout to avoid overheating. This also includes going through the heater specifications to ensure it doesn’t produce too much heat.

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Risks Of Using Cold Water If you place your Betta in water that’s too cold, they instantly become almost motionless.


It’s like you’re trying to freeze them. And this will deprive them of their God-given energy. Meaning they will probably spend most of the day at the bottom of the tank, trying to gain some warmth, and won’t even come up for food. And you know what starvation brings, right?

Also, the cold water works against their immunity system. And that makes them vulnerable to various bacterial infections ? not only that but also fungal and other dangerous parasites attacks. The risks also spread to the lack of enough oxygen, which is essential for their survival.

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Basic Water Maintenance Tips

Yes, your Betta fish indeed requires warm water to enjoy their new life in your home.

But you should be careful with your definition of ” warm.”

By all means, ensure the water temperature is always constant.

Avoid raising it consistently, even when you feel it should be a little ” hot.”

You might be feeling the cold, but they aren’t. If anything, they’re enjoying their tropical home. You can, however, raise it little by little each day, especially in the cold season, giving them room to adjust to the new changes.

Also, don’t forget to fix an air stone for enough oxygen supply. If you can’t afford a filtration system just yet, ensure to change the water regularly.


So can betta fish live in cold water?

They can live in your room temperature water, but that isn’t what they enjoy. The fact remains that Betta are

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tropical fish and they require warm water. So you should never consider putting them in cold water.

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