Best Betta Fish Toys Reviews

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Best Betta Fish Toys Reviews

my betta fish tank with toys

Betta fish are extremely curious and smart.


They adore having objects in their tank to probe and interconnect with. However, before you place anything in your fish tank inspect for razor-sharp edges and ensure that these objects are secure to infiltrate the home of your betta fish, as some kinds of plastics or other substances could discharge out toxins that may contaminate the water. That being said, here are some betta fish toys.

Aquarium plants

betta fish tank with fake plants

To a betta fish, fish tank plants can be like an adventure playground. Plants in your betta?s aquarium are genuinely an excellent notion.


They can offer spaces to hide as well as assist in generating oxygen. You should try to utilize live greenies. If you select to use counterfeit shrubs be sure they do not have sharp-edged edges that could slit the sloppy flowing fins of your betta. Silk undergrowth make an attractive option.

Leaf hammock

betta fish on leaf hammock

In the untamed, betta fish stay in shallow seas. Therefore, they usually have an area close to the uppermost surface of the water to relax.

The leaf hammock consists of a huge leaf and sucking pad which can be thrust at the sides of the fish tank, only a few inches from the uppermost of the exterior.

It’s planned to aid your betta as he basks on his brand new hammock.

A compact reflector

reflective sticker for aquarium

By now, you understand that betta fish are also called fighting fish.

This name materializes from how regional they are. A compact reflector can produce the impression that another virile fish has infiltrated the territory of your betta.

He?ll puff up his fins and reveal to you why they are known as fighting fish all with no wounds or fatalities. However, this should be utilized moderately, only applied for a few minutes.

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It will captivate your fish in an entirely natural situation. He?ll dazzle his fins and desire to safeguard his region.

However, times of use over a few moments could strain out your fish. Utilize this method to aid lessen your fish’s weariness.

Coach him and let him dazzle as he should occasionally. A small-scale makeup reflector could do the ploy, or you may desire to buy a drifting betta fish reflector.

A floating log

floating log

As earlier mentioned with leaf hammock, betta fish adore spending time at the surface of the water.

They additionally love finding hiding holes and interconnect with their habitats.

A floating log is an object that will restore weariness.

It’s the ideal lair for your fish to sleep, play, or construct a bubble roost. It additionally has a massive hole to the uppermost for nourishing within the log. It’s an exceptional inclusion to your reservoir.

A descending ceramic log

ceramic log for betta fish

By using the instincts of a betta fish to discover and explore his hiding place, you can place at the base of the tank a natural looking wood. This wood will help in providing your fish some safety. Once he realizes this ideal hiding place, he?ll be in and out. Sometimes dashing past it in a fun-loving manner and other times only utilizing it for a few minutes to chill out.

Fluval moss ball

moss ball for betta fish in aquarium

You can amuse your betta fish by attaching a Fluval moss ball to your reservoir.

Something brand new in your tank will consistently capture the attention of your fish for some time. Do not squeeze this ball in the water, but instead let it float.

As the ball floats at the surface of the water, your betta fish will consistently be curious of it. This comes back to the natural environment of the fish- diving at the surface of the water and attempting to discover nourishment, e.g., insect larval from the herbs drifting at the top.

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However, that’s not all, this ball is not designed to be a plaything for a betta fish, but rather it’s planned to aid maintain water states at their maximal for longer.

It functions by absorbing and trapping nitrates and phosphates for up to two months. These up keeps the water clean, and assists stop the growth of unattractive organic matter in your aquarium.

Ping pong ball

ping pong ball for betta fish aquarium toy

Place your ping pong paddle downwards. A straightforward ping pong ball that can float on the surface of the water is an exceptional plaything for the curious betta. By utilizing the natural coursing behaviors of a betta fish, a ping pong ball will hover on the exterior just like food would in the untamed.

R2 fish training kit

r2 fish training kit for betta fish

You can drill a betta fish to perform ploys, and there?s no preferable method than a fish training kit.

This training kit has thirty-six reviews on Amazon, twenty-six of which are five stars and zero one-star reviews.

Coach your betta fish to hit bands, romp fetch and dance. It all comes with teaching hidden within the entertainment. It’s ideal for grown-ups and kids.

Laser pointer

laser pointer

A laser pointer is an exceptional technique to have your betta active, as they?ll undoubtedly be fascinated by the brand new light.

Beaming the laser into the tank of your laser and shifting it into various items will occasion your betta to pursue the light.

Therefore, just like leaping from the reservoir, this is an excellent method to provide your betta some training.

Coach your beta to dive past hoops

betta fish hoop

There are many videos on the web educating you on how to coach your fish to swim past hoops or to pursue your index finger and bettas are no special case.

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Being the highly curious animals, they can take well to grasping brand new ploys like swimming past hoops. This is a more practical way of keeping your fish agile and will need you to expend a few minutes each day to guarantee they grasp and remember it.

However, if you genuinely desire to obtain the most out of your betta fish, this is an exceptional initial stage.

Drilling hoops can be bought for a reasonably affordable price on the web and includes various shapes and sizes all making for training occasion for you and your fish.


spongebob aquarium decor

Betta fish also adore SpongeBob. There are numerous add-ons you can obtain clearly. The typical pineapple house is the favored. This assemblage of additions is ideal for betta fish with multiple various hiding holes and entry and gateway points for your fish to lively dive through.

2.5 gallons betta fish tank