Do Betta Fish Need A Lot Of Attention?

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Can Betta Fish Live with Turtles?


The short answer is no, you cannot keep a turtle in the same tank with Betta Fish, here are the following reasons:

  • Turtles are carnivorous
  • Turtles main staples is live fish
  • Turtles like to prey on live fish
  • Turtles grow very large and the minimum tank is about 90 Gallons

Regularly, turtles are not perfect with fishes as they’ll always attempt to chase the fishes.

betta fish

It is not wise to put a turtle in the same tank with a betta fish.

Turtles by nature eat fish and your Betta fish might eventually disappear and turtles grow very large and need at least 100 to 150 gallons.

Some sizes and sorts of other fishes must not be sheltered in a similar tank with a turtle.

  • Some of the types of fish that live with turtles are : Tetrafish, Zebrafish and Yellow Ciclids.
  • The fishes mentioned above are very fast swimmers and you need a lot of hiding places for these fishes.
  • If you put a slow-moving fish such as the Betta Fish, the turtles will surely eat it in due time.

For instance, goldfishes and guppies are never good with turtles. Because these fishes are very little in size and at the same time they produce a great deal of waste.

Can Betta Fish Live With Turtles?

can betta fish live with turtles

There are a lot of things to consider when wondering can betta fish live with turtles.

Turtles do share a few things in common with bettas, however.

However, the answer is no; you can betta fish live with turtles, provided certain conditions are met. Often, though, these conditions can be more difficult than what you may think for this reason.

To begin, you must keep in mind that turtles aren’t easy pets for any one thing.

Often, though, turtles are simply not comfortable with the big fish because they will constantly try to grapple with the fish for themselves.

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This can be awkward for the fish and can even lead to fights or injuries.

Another important factor to consider is that while you are keeping pet turtles, you must provide a clean tank, with good filtration, nutrients, and water conditioners.

The filtration system must be kept clean, and you want to choose a filtration system that is durable and can handle the size of your tank.

It would also be a good idea to purchase a preformed filtration system for ease of installation.

Another important consideration is the water temperature of your tank.

Many experts will agree that a tank water temperature of around seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit is perfectly fine for betta fish.

However, this temperature might be too warm for your turtle.

In that case, it’s best to alter the water temperature.

For this reason, you’ll need to buy a thermostatic multi-stage heat exchanger filter and have the tank properly heated.

Another option is to have a winter heating system installed, which would keep the tank water at a more appropriate temperature for your pet.

Your choice of tank bedding should be based on whether your turtle is land.

Terrestrial turtles need a lot of warmth from their tank, so you might want to buy a couple of Terra cotta pots or aquarium rocks.

  • For land-based beats, the ideal tank decoration is going to be a medium-sized, red-eared slider.
  • This species doesn’t have a shell, so it uses its tail to move around and keep itself warm.
  • Buy a good quality filtration system to get rid of plankton from the water.
  • Red-eared sliders are very sensitive to changes in their environment, so only add them to a well-chlorinated tank with proper lighting.
  • Make sure to put a good supply of live plants in the tank as well.
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The third thing that you can do to help your can betta fish live with turtles is to provide them with a habitat that they can easily recognize as their own.

Provide some wood, pieces of wood, or carpet at the bottom of their aquarium.

Buy some real plants as well, because they can be quite attractive to tropical fish.

If you want your fish to recognize his tank as his own, you can place a small piece of his favorite Hawaiian flower on the bottom.

If you can house three or four fish, then getting a tank with two turtles in it is a great idea.

Setting up these tanks means that the fish can swim with two turtles at the same time.

These are generally a great investment because they aren’t as stressed if they don’t have another fish in the tank.

Snapping turtles sometimes display aggression toward other fish, so keeping the tank separated from fish is strongly advised.

Betta Fish Cannot Live With Turtles Because Turtles Always Chase and Eat Fish

betta fish cannot live with turtles since turtles eat fish

It has been proven that a Betta fish will not live with turtles, and I have witnessed this first hand when one of my friends had his Betta suffer because he did not understand the dangers of keeping a betta fish with turtles.

This is what happens when you put Betta Fish with Turtles, see the video below.

This thing additionally works differently.

Oscars are not perfect living with turtles because they can get injured from the chomps of Oscars. For lodging in a similar tank, you have to pick fishes that aren’t little, serene and not exceedingly regional.

beautiful oscar fish

Another significant interesting point when keeping turtles and betta fishes together in space.

Turtles can develop huge when they are grown-up. An ordinary water turtle like the red-eared slider can achieve 10 to 12 inches in length.

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Along these lines, you have to remember if your tank is les than 150 gallons, it will have space issues between your turtle and your betta fishs.

If you insist of mixing betta fish with a turtle then you have to make sure that there are a lot of hiding places for the Betta Fish, but it is not advisable.

You would want to utilize canister channels in your turtles’ tank.

On the off chance that you want to mix the two turtles and betta fishes together, I’ll recommend getting something more dominant like the Aquatop products. It is an extraordinary canister channel that can adapt up to the heap of a tank of the turtle.

Aquatop Products

Without proper water filtration, the tank water will soon be cloudly and not suitable for the turtle and betta fish.