How old is Gibby’s brother Guppy Gibson?

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How old is Gibby’s brother Guppy Gibson?

Season 2 has just arrived on Paramount+ and the cameo appearances from Nickelodeon are already returning. Episode 2, Season 2 features several familiar faces from Carly’s past like Guppy. As fans of the series may recognize, Guppy often appeared as the younger brother of Gibby Gibson in episodes 3 to 5 of his television series. He frequently uses the words “Happy Birthday”, despite it not being everyone’s birthday. What is your baby’s age?

iCarly: The Tale of Guppy Gibson | THEN & NOW - YouTube

‘iCarly’ Season 2 brings back Guppy Gibson and other stars from the original series

After a 10-year break in iCarly, disgruntled door-man Lewbert Sline returns as the Deputy Chief of Security at the iCarly Hotel in Chicago. He explains that he is seeking $1 million in compensation to deal with his injuries from his younger brother Carly. Lewbert brought in Guppy (Ethan Munck) and Spencers nemesis, Chuck (Ryan Ochoa). Guppy explains the way Carly had Carly perform awkward tricks for her son Noah Munck. He says that he would rather say “Happy Birthday” instead.

Miranda Cosgrove sang in the original iCarly theme song circa 2007. Little did she know, things wouldn’t change that much 14 years later, as the Nickelodeon series was rebooted for Paramount Plus in 2021.

Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove), Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor) , and Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) to court. He reveals that he wants $1 million in damages for the pain that Carly and her friends inflicted on him when they were younger.

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For those who don’t know, the intentionally repulsive Lewbert (Jeremy Rowley) was Carly, Spencer, and Freddie’s doorman and “archnemesis” in the OG iCarly series.

As mentioned, we see a grown-up version of Guppy in the iCarly reboot; who plays Gibby’s kid brother?

Today we’re taking a look at little Guppy Gibson, one of the funniest side characters in the iCarly series.

Proposals were put forth in 2013 for a TV series called Gibby , a spin-off of iCarly that would star Munck. The series was to star Gibby working at a recreational center where he mentors four middle-schoolers.

Who Played Guppy in Nickelodeon's Hit Sitcom 'iCarly'?


Guppys first major work was in the episode “Ipsycho”. Despite the fact that it isn’t his birthday he has repeatedly wished him a good birthday :). This became his catchphrase later episodes and his catchphrase is reportedly retained well into his teen years, according to the revived episodes. When Nora denishlit fights Gibby the dog Guppy cheers him and quickly catches Nora in Nora’s basement. Guggy looks to his brother as an example.

Physical appearance

Guppy is short-haired. In this revival series, his hair grew longer and he has a deeper voice.

Who plays Guppy in iCarly?

Icarly creator Dan Schneider has introduced fans to Gibby’s adorable little brother, Guppy, played by Noah’s real life brother Ethan Munck.

What is Guppy’s real name?

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The guppy (Poecilia reticuata), commonly known under the name million fish and rainbow fish, are the most abundant tropical fish in the world as well as a popular fish species.

How old is Guppy from iCarly now?

The iCarly Fandom said that Guppy was born in 2004 and she is 10 years older than Gibby. When Nickelodeon released Carly last year Gibby weighed 18 years, so Guppy was 8 and Gibby weighed 8. He turns 18 on the reboot.

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Is Guppy returning to iCarly?

Munck has returned to play the starring role for the upcoming series in 2020. His brother Ethan reprised that role however.