Bubble Eye Goldfish Popped: Everything you need to know

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Bubble Eye Goldfish Popped: Everything you need to know

A Bubble-Eye Goldfish. It is a selectively bred fancy fish that has no  dorsal fin and can only look upwards : r/assholedesign

Goldfish bubble eyes can seem strange. It’s a very popular fish breed as well as fancy goldfish. It originated in China, and is unique in that it is caused by mutagenesis as the results of a succession of genetic traits. Its most ornamental species is therefore raised as pets as a species. The fish also consists of bubbles that form liquid sacs beneath the eyes. It gives you a deeper look at bubbleeye goldfish. You’ll learn its origins, physical attributes and lifecycle.

Popeye Identification in Fish One or both eyes of the aquarium fish bulge outwards, hence the “popeye” name.

With this comprehensive bubble eye goldfish care guide, you are bound to have a satisfactory fish keeping experience!

While popeye itself isn’t likely to kill a fish, affected fish could die from other problems, such as septicemia and Hexamita infections. Popeye Prevention in Fish In terms of water quality, nitrate levels above 20 mg/l are a good indication of overstocking, overfeeding and/or insufficient water changes.

Description Bubble eye goldfish, also known as Bubble Eye Goldfish, is an egg-shaped goldfish. It has a double-tail, and its shape and size are very similar to that of the Celestial Goldfish, which is slightly thinner than other egg-shaped goldfish.

Species summary

Bubble Eye Goldfish belongs to the ever-growing fanciful goldfish family. This species is renowned by its eye bubble, an important characteristic. This fluid-filled sac makes this fish an interesting and unique addition to home aquariums.

This may be due to careful cross-breeding between German & Prussian carps. They will not live anywhere. These exclusive captives will be found in aquariums all over. Despite being considered a safe choice by many types of goldfish, this has not necessarily been the case with the bubble eye.

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However, due to the fish’s visual impairment, it is recommended that they are kept with other bubble eyes, black moors , demekins and celestial goldfish to ensure fair competition for food.

These fish are notorious for eating and uprooting plants, so exercise some caution. Artificial plants are a great alternative.

These fish don’t breed in the wild. They’ve been explicitly bred in China in the 1900s as part of their fancy Goldfish breeds. It’s believed to be a descendent of the Toadhead/Hamatou fish, which is quite similar to it but without the over-pronounced eye sacs.

Life span

The normal life expectancy for Bubble Eye Goldfish is approximately 10-15 years. Goldfish can last much longer than any of their peers and the Bubble Eye does not differ. It must also be a priority that they are treated with the most respect if they want to be able to live longer. Its life expectancy depends upon many factors, including water conditions and diet. Notes to authors: With proper care the salmon can live well into the average life expectancy a year. Some of the people live beyond the age of 20!!

Average goldfish lifespan is 10 – 15 years, but they are known to survive well over 20 years if maintained well.

Goldfish are a cold water fish and will do best at temperatures between 65 – 72° F (18°- 22° C).


The most identifiable features are the sac under the nose. Contrary to popular opinion these do not contain air. This fluid makes the bubble jiggle when the fish swim. Some scientists believe this liquid stimulates cell growth. This sac has the same fragility as it appears. The bubbles are easy to pop or to deflate. The sac is thankfully healed by itself and filled with water. However, most sacs grow larger than they once had. This can cause imbalanced searching. Sizes of the sacs may vary between specimens. Despite being able to manage some fish it remains easy for them to do it.

These fluid sacs slightly upturn their eyes, but not nearly as dramatically as those of the celestial eye goldfish.

Bubble Eye Goldfish Tank Mates

Finding the best tank companion is hard. This is a very good reason. The eye sac can be damaged by aggressive species like fish or playful creatures. They also have slow swimming which means that they can’t eat regularly. Fast swimmers are trying to get food, leaving none to the Bubbleeye goldfish. This species can easily be found within similar groups. If you plan on building community tanks stick to fish that suffer similar disadvantages to Bubble Eye Goldfish. These could be some interesting friends. Consider pairing this species with fresh aquatic snails.

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Food & Diet

Bubbleeye goldfish are omnivorous and they eat almost anything. It’s good for high quality. We strongly suggest that we sink the pellets rather than floating flakes, because fish have been known for stealing much air from food. You may also give daphnica, bloodworms, tubifexworms, or brine shrimps. This is good for protein. They can be scavenging and like finding small things in the aquarium. You might also want to appeal to this if you put fruit or vegetables into a tank. Give your bubble eye Goldfish more time before eating than it usually should.

You can also provide daphnia, bloodworms , tubifex worms, or feed brine shrimp. They do well with some protein. These fish are also scavengers and love to look for little things to eat in the aquarium.


When fully grown, Bubble Eye Goldfish are usually about five inches in length. Unlike many Goldfish species, the fish cannot continue their expansion beyond its peak. So they’ll be fairly easy to handle and maintain for a small aquarium. The Bubble Eye Goldfish treatment is very beginner-friendly. The delicate bubble needs special environments for protection from damage. They need specialized water conditions to survive. Having an experienced Bubble Eye Goldfish can be managed easily. Just follow the strict care guidelines.

Setting Up Their Tanks

This is the area where the situation may become tricky. You have to plan out more habitat for your bubble eye goldfish. The liquid sacs in the upper eye are delicate, as previously stated. It’s important to ensure that your tank is free of debris which may damage or pop your tank. Start by placing gravel on a small flat surface. Have a good smooth surface. This fish can scavenge food from the bottom of the tank (despite being not typical bottom-feeders) so sometimes the sacs can get in contact with the substrate. You’re sure to decorate this aquarium with a soft rock or plastic decoration.

Common Possible Diseases

Bubble Eye Goldfish are highly ill-healthy. There are things like ich, Dropsy, the swimming bladder, skin flukes, etc. Although not usually encountered it can start becoming white (and sometimes black) if affected. These conditions can be avoided with proper water conditions. If one Goldfish has contracted a serious illness, you can quarantine him to get treatment. One particular issue with Bubble Eyes Goldfish may occur if the sac ruptures or the lining is damaged.

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Water parameters

Like all goldfish, bubbles are coldwater. The birds do not like the warm temperatures like some tropical species. They love clean, neutral water. Water change needs regular operation. Bubbleeye goldfish can be sensitive to a bad water situation. Water should be replaced about 25% every month. It helps to keep ammonium levels very low. A dependable filtering system must be used, but this will be discussed later in detail.

Do I need to install a filter? Filters are a must item in any goldfish aquarium. The bubble eye is such a feeder and subsequently produces a lot of waste which can become poisonous if not removed.


The tank should be at least 10 gallon. However, if your water needs a little more than a couple of gallons, it should be about ten gallons. Although they are not the strongest swimmers, the extra room will be appreciated. When preparing for group meetings be aware of 10gal space per specimen. Keep it away from small plates. Bubble-eye goldfish require much more room than a bowl. Aside from producing lots, the waste will cause very little harm to water.

Bubble Eye Goldfish Behavior & Compatibility

Bubble eye goldfish are amongst the laid-back fishes available in existence. These are incredibly quiet and friendly and fit well with most aquatic animals. Because their round bodies and lack a dorsal fin cause them difficulties in swimming, they can be very slow and susceptible to injuries. You should be careful not to bring in fish which can be quick or aggressive. They either outcompete them to find food and leave them in pain. Avoid bottom dwellings as goldfish spend mainly time in the bottom looking for food.

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Diet & feeding

Goldfish have no complex feeding regimens. They have everything that is offered and will survive a little bit more with good fish. Using sinking pellets instead of floated as fish will accidentally absorb oxygen which can cause health issues. To increase the nutritional content of the kids they can feed them either fresh or cold food. Daphnies, sand shrimp, bloodworms and tubifex worm species are also excellent choices. Blanched vegetables are also available. Give them some time to find and eat food.

Overview: Origin & appearance of Bubble Eye Goldfish

Bubble-eye goldfish are amusing fish with cartoon-like brows. Two large fluid-filled sacs under their eye make them look like caricatures with eyes popped out from behind them. However, the bubble weighted his head and impeded its movements, especially if its sizes were big. Its appearance is special because it has no dorsal fins. Its eye sacs and retracted eyes are unbalanced and incapable of swimming at high speeds. This is one that has a double tail to compensate for the difficulties.

They are mainly ornamental fish and therefore are reared as pets.

Nitrogen cycle

As most aquarists have learned, the nitrogen cycle is integral to every tank, controlling the environment the fish resides in. The conversion of waste to ammonia, which is successively broken down to nitrates is a constant process and is constantly controlled and monitored by the authorities. If the cycle of production is not correctly completed and ultimately discarded then the fish will develop numerous diseases which can lead to death. This species generates a higher percentage of waste than typical fish species. It can also be affected by contaminations or poor water.

Tank Size & How Many Can Be Kept Together?

Bubble EyeGoldfish may be left alone or in groups. It only has to be attributed to the considerable recycling. It’s advisable that one goldfish is kept in a 10gal tank. It is even better to use 20 or 30 gallons to reduce the water consumption. The goldfish will need 1gal of room for each inch of their body. This helps them have sufficient room in which to swim and also helps in the hydration. The rule becomes irrelevant when the fish age and oxygen demand grows. Hence, a better standard for adults would be ten gallon of storage space for each fishe.

Tank setup

The more water the more it gets in the aquarium. It helps prevent dangerous items from accidentally damaging bubbles. You can sprinkle a lot of rock, driftwood and plants such as Java Ferns and Anacharis. Make certain everything is smooth. However, gold may demolish dead plants in search of food. So choose artificial vegetation, especially silk, for safety, and they are much safer than plastics. Almost everything works. Sands are fine, as are smaller gravels.

Why does bubble eye goldfish have bubbles?

In 1908 the Chinese cultivated Gold Fish by selective breeding of various species. The result was genetic mutation which caused emergence of two eyes sacs beneath the fish that increase size when the fish is older. Initial eye sac is not visible, but appears after the eggs hatch three months later. Afterward the eye is filled by the presence of the lymphatic fluid which continues growing until it has reached its maximum size within 6 – 9 months.

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What happens if a bubble eye goldfish pops?

We got some good news. The good news was that bubble damage was healed. These bubbles are a very dangerous threat to infections. Unless it is cured it is impossible for the fish to survive if the infection continues. If injured tissues are not damaged, the new bubbles grow to unidentifiable sizes. This asymmetry affects the appearance of fish which causes further problems in swimming due to the unrestricted loads on both sides.

Biting at the sacs by other fish is also a potential cause of trauma.

Bubble Eye Goldfish Lifespan

Bubble eyes goldfish can live for about 10 – 15 years in aquaria. Many owners have reported the use of the fish a lot over a decade. The less stress a fish faces, the more they will survive. This includes consistent feeding and water conditions for the animal.

Sexual dimorphism: Size & Coloration

It is impossible to tell whether a male is a female until it is mature enough to mate. Males are thinner or smaller than females. During adulthood males develop only a small white tubercle/spikes in head coverings and gill covers.

Behavior & Temperament

Bubble eyes goldfish are your calmest and relaxed fish. They enjoy the peace of the world. No one will attack snails. Your fish will go about its business every morning in search of the food they need to eat. They travel into the bottom of the tank, swim through leafy vegetation and explore their habitats. No hope they are seen scurrying through the tanks. The unique shape and large eye bubble shaped snout make these animals relatively slow.

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Bubble Eyes. Goldfish Care

Because of their unique care requirement they only suit aquarists. Ignore Gold Fish Care orthodoxy. A bubble eye must be kept at a high level to provide a safe place to flourish. Then there are injuries and eye diseases which may cause blindness and death in worst cases.

What should I feed them?

It carries the same diet requirements as those for other goldfish. They have been omniferous in their environment thus they eat diverse foods that includes vegetables and animal foods. It also promotes optimum health for children and their bone and muscle strength. Let them eat food as it provides them an efficient feed system. Make sure you keep the vegetable tanks a little fresh to keep them going throughout the morning to forage. The nutritional fibers in vegetables help to maintain digestion functions. Life-like meals can be an excellent, nutrient-rich choice.

Are bubble eye goldfish in pain?

The Bubble Eye Goldfish is an ornamental goldfish. These eyes carry large fluid-filled sacs that can be infected by injury and can cause severe pain.

Do goldfish eyes grow back?

Using fish eyes to examine regeneration The nerve cannot heal, and the eyes cannot recover itself. Then again, it isn’t true for fish. This is a rare phenomenon in which an eye may regenerate within a week of injury or after a stroke.

How long do bubble eye goldfish live for?

Long life span. Bubble Eye Goldenfish usually lasts between ten to 15 years! Most Goldfish live much more than any other freshwater species, and Bubble eyes are not different.

Why do goldfish have bubble eyes?

Bubbleeye goldfish have large sacs in the under eye that contain water. This sac has a lymph containing similar chemistry to serum.

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What happens if you pop a Bubble Eye goldfish?

The bubbles will grow back after a puncture and an injured fish will likely be infected with bacteria in an attack. The bubbles can be dangerous as they aren’t very strong swimmers. Bubbles have been sucked into filters in aquariums, often they’re sucked into a pond.

Why do goldfish eyes pop out?

Popeye is most common in aquatic animals due to damage, infection or a lack of adequate water. Other causes of popeye are infections. This may be seen at least in one eye. Infection can occur from a wide array — including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Are Bubble Eye goldfish in pain?

Bubble-eye goldfish are the most common ornamental goldfish. The eye is surrounded by fluid-filled sacs, which may be infected or hurt.

How long do Bubble Eye goldfish live for?

Long term life span. Bubbleeye Goldfish typically live between 10 and 15 years. Goldfish generally live longer than other fresh water fish, whereas bubbleeye isn’t.

Can a fish grow back an eye?

Taking an image by observing regenerating fish eyes The nerves in this nerve cannot heal, the eyes cannot be re-established. It won’t happen with fish. They are regenerative in about 4-6 days.

Is it possible to perform surgery on a fish?

All animals are capable of surgical procedures. All fish species have different types of surgeries.

How do you fix fishy eye pop?

If an eye was hurt, the eye usually heals itself, as long as there aren’t secondary infections in the fish. It’s also possible for fish to heal using palliative care with aquarium salt (except when it is not recommended). This relieves the pain.

Why would you do surgery on a fish?

Surgical procedures on fish typically involve removing masses. The masses can exist inside the abdomen or externally under the skin. Masses could come from an infection such as the abscess, cysts, parasites or a tumour.

Why did my fish eye pop out?

The popeyes are often borne by chronic water quality and not acutely lethal. Popeye is commonly found on aquariums over-populated or receiving frequent changes of water.

How do you treat cloudy eye in goldfish?

I’m sure there will be an easy solution. Make sure your tank is pHed. If it is less than 6.5 or even lower than 6.3, you will need to change water more frequently.

Can goldfish get cataracts?

Cataracts: The eyes of fish are affected by a cataract, which causes the cornea to become opaque. Cataracts are caused in many ways through dietary imbalance, parasitic infections, and other problems.

Can gold fish regenerate eyes?

Nerves can not heal themselves and eyes can not be recovered from swollen eyes. The fish have an optic nerve that can be restored within 24 hours.

How can you tell if your goldfish is blind?

Can you identify whether a fish has a dark skin color? It can also be noticed that there has been a change in watercolors or clarity. If your goldfish is spotted on your head and has dark spots, it could indicate something is wrong with you. But these aren’t just symptoms.

How do you treat a fish tumor?

External tumors can sometimes be treated surgically or topically by secondary treatments such as cryology. Your veterinarian can also inject anesthetics into the dummy to remove the excess mass of your fish.

Can fish tumors go away?

Most cancers in fish are not cured. Internal tumors or other cancer are usually detected only at early stages. If it has been diagnosed early the place of the tumor may cause the tumor to become inoperable.

Is eye tumor curable?

Treatments: Eye tumors can be treated by a number of methods depending on their diagnosis size or the severity. Occasionally a tumor may need a surgical procedure using laser treatments. Surgical removals can be performed with invasive surgical tools to keep the eyesight intact.

What causes fish eye in humans?

Cause. Fish-eye disease is a mutation in the LCAT gene. The gene is used by enzymes like lecithin, cholesterol, and LCATs to make them. It is a molecule which is used for dietary supplements.

What happens if you pop a bubble eye goldfish?

However, a puncture can cause damage in fish and it may also cause infection. Bubbles are infamously trapped in aquarium filters and spouts by fish because they are not good swimmers and they appear low in head and sometimes.

How are bubble eye goldfish made?

Researchers began studying bubble eye goldfish that evolved by crossing mutating crucian carps. A goldfish weighing approximately 10 cm long is extracted by syringe using an extraction syringe.

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Why do my fish have air bubbles on them?

White bubbles on fish bodies can be caused most likely by ich – a protozoan-causing disorder known as ichthyophilthirus multifiliis. Protozoons dig into fish’s skin to create small swollen white spots or bubbles.

What is the bubble for on a bubble eye goldfish?

The most distinguishing feature of bubbleeye goldfish is the sac that lies under their eyes. The lungs do not fill up. These are packed with fluids, causing juggling when fish swims. Several experts think it could stimulate cell growth in humans.

Can you pop a bubble eye goldfish?

The bubbles will re-open if punctured, but a wound can cause infection. Bubbles are disadvantageous for fish as they aren’t an excellent water swimmer with a low head.Sometimes bubbles are found stuffed into filters or siphons in aquariums.

How do you treat Popeye in goldfish?

Treatment of Popeye Disease. When an eye injury occurs, it usually heals by itself, so long as the fish is never infected. It is easy for fish to recover using aquarium salt while they are recovering, except in cases when they have been harmed.

How big do Popeye goldfish get?

They decrease in color and their eyes protrude with aging. Its length can be six inches. Their eye sizes are often big and they lack vision. White telescopes are a lesser relic of black telescope.

How long does it take for a fish to recover from Popeye?

Popeye’s health should improve with time. The swelling may take several weeks to disappear, but damage to the eye of fish may take longer. Nevertheless serious eye damage may never fully heal even if swelling does diminish.

How long do Popeye goldfish live?

Longevity. Generally, Bubble Eye Goldfish’s lifespan ranges from around 10-15 years. Most Goldfish will last longer than most freshwater fish, but Bubble Eyes don’t differ. It is essential to have them in good health as we get older.

Can a vet help a goldfish?

Find a vet that treats primarily small and less invasive fish, like your goldfish. Although veterinary service for cheap animals like goldfish is once rare, it is now easy to find veterinary services such as tests, blood tests, ultrasound or surgical treatment for a fish.

How do you diagnose a sick goldfish?

What are the symptoms of salmonella infection? Stubby talons in the talons. The skins. … Fuzzy patches on skin or lips. Bacteria infections (Flavobacteries). Bumping growth in the skin and thighs. Carps pygmy. … White “pimples” in the face and fins. … Cottonlike “hair” on fish, eggs, and uncooked foods. … Increase in bone movement. … White streak in body. … Golden flecks of skin.

What are the most common goldfish diseases?

Goldfish are commonly a serious illness which can cause many complications including: Ichthyophthyus axonii axonalis. Learned the trematode from monogeneans. Anchorworm (Argulus sp. Cockroaches. Chillodonas. Ichthyophthirius multifiliailis. Trichodina. Mongeneans’ trematodytes. Icthiobodo (“Costia” Learningea sp. – Anchorworms. Iris argulis. (FISHLOSE) Chilodonellas.

As the goldfish popeye infection worsens, the eyes will appear popped out on top of fleshy bags of fluid. (looking much like a telescope goldfish.)

Common Possible Diseases Bubble Eye Goldfish are susceptible to all of the same diseases that other freshwater fish are. This includes things like Ich, Dropsy , Swim Bladder Disease, Skin Flukes, and more.

Do goldfish know who their owners are?

Goldfish in pets can differentiate between humans and recognize the regular feed of humans. The pet goldfish also seems quite scared when they are introduced, but becomes more comfortable in their surroundings once they realize they’re not dangerous.

What kind of fish has bulging eyes?

Popeye disease—also called exophthalmia—is a disease in which fish have eyes that protrude abnormally and swell. Some aquatic fish like the blackmoor goldfish and telescope-eyed goldfish have rounded eyes, which are not similar in form to popeye disease.

What fish has Popeye?

Popeyes are therefore most prevalent in large aquariums or at confined water changes. It should be noted that popeyes tend to be found in aquariums containing soiled fish or larger cichlids in less hygiene conditions.

Which fish has largest eyes?

A giant squid views the planet from its eyes like a football ball. They are ten centimetres wide which makes them the tallest eyes on the earth. Comparatively, the biggest eyes in a fish are 9 cm orbras of a swordfish. It fits into the pupil of the big squid.

Is it normal for one eye to stick out further than another?

Asymmetric eye movements are very common and often cause problems. Facial dissimilarity is very common, and symmetric facial features don’t always happen. Despite being apparent, uneven eyes rarely show up on others.

Are Bubble Eye goldfish hard to care for?

Bubbleeye Goldfish Care doesn’t suit all novices. Their fragile bubbles require special conditions for protection. They do require a strict water system for survival.

Can Bubble Eye goldfish be pets?

Bubbleeye goldfish are highly identifiable. Their eyes are covered with large “bubbles” — hence the word. This distinctive characteristic is fed into fish through a number of generations…. Tell the story of Bubble Eye Goldfish.

Can Bubble Eye goldfish live in bowls?

How many aquariums are needed? Compared to other similar varieties, Bubbleeye Goldfish has much more room and is smaller. The maximum tank capacity is 20 gallon. The greater space you give it, the healthier the animals will stay. Try not to use glass containers as an alternative to aquarium glass containers.