6 Free How To Make Betta Fish Toys Guide (Available At Home)

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6 Free How To Make Betta Fish Toys Guide (Available At Home)

betta fish fight

Betta fish (also known as the Siamese fighting fish) is one of the more common pets you see in households.

This species often reside in the southeast Asian region along Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. It is easily found in the rice paddies, floodplains and canals.

They can grow up to 6.5cm with brilliant colours of different hues (from the common red and orange to exotic steel blue, turquoise green, lavender, grizzle and even pastel) enveloping their scales.

rosetail betta fish

suntail betta fish

Some bettas can even change colours during their lifetime.

It is therapeutic to look at these fishes in your aquarium.

However, it requires some intentional care taking and understanding of their characteristics before you can play with them.

Characteristics of Betta Fish

These are some traits you should know about your Betta fish.

1. Bettas are extremely territorial and aggressive.

spadetail betta fish

Male Bettas are more territorial than their female counterparts, to the point of attacking each other to the point of death or being badly wounded. It is strongly advised not to place male bettas with each other or with females.

The females can live with each other given there is enough space for them to roam. If you do not have time observe, do not add other fishes into the aquarium.

my beautiful spade tail female betta fish

2. Bettas enjoy human interaction.

Bettas like to notice humans standing outside of their tank and will rush to the front of the tank to swim side to side to attract your attention.

Bettas may even follow your finger movements.

Do give new bettas time to adjust to the environment and their new owner. Hence, for the first two weeks, you may notice Bettas to shy or display stress symptoms in the form of dark stripes on their body.

Give it some time to warm up to you and its new home.

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3. Betta can be stressed easily.

Bettas can be stressed from the following conditions ? overfeeding, cool water temperatures, poor water conditions, unfamiliar toy inserted.

Sometimes, Bettas may even view their own reflection as another fish and get stressed up in thinking it has to defend its own self.

It is good to ensure that Bettas have space to hide and escape if needed and does not see its own reflection.

Taking into consideration these characteristics, we are going to learn how to make Betta fish toys to engage them well. These are 6 ways to make a toy that your Betta fish will enjoy.

1. Betta Coconut Cave

spongebob betta fish coconut cave

Betta fish loves to hide in holes. In fact, the more hiding places the better!

You can use the husk of the coconut shell to build their little homes in the aquarium.

It is a common go to for betta fish specially to destress and rest. Occasionally decorative objects placed there can bring cheap thrills to these little fighters.

Other materials to build its home you can consider will be driftwood with an arched hollow or a pineapple house ? very much like SpongeBob!

2. Ping Pong Balls

ping pong balls

Yes, you heard it right. Entertaining betta fish is not as hard as you think. It is not that expensive either.

Simply purchase your regular ping pong balls in multiple colours or the traditional white and yellow and place them inside the aquarium.

These fighters are very intrigued in these round floating objects and will explore possibilities by nudging the balls around. It is also easily replaceable. Simply keep your ping pong balls in a set to replace them occasionally to bring new excitement and adventures for your betta.

3. Paper Cutouts/Post-it-notes

post it notes

Bettas are curious by nature and are always wondering what lies beyond the transparent glass.

Any new external elements introduced pique its interest; spending much time looking at it.

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These cutouts and notes are easily maintained and replaceable. You can customize your own love note for your betta with stickers and various drawings and designs. These cutouts are probably one of the best ways for an owner to express themselves uniquely to their pets.

4. Small Mirror

small mirror

A small mirror can pique the fighter fish?s interest and pride.

It helps create an illusion that there are others of its kind entering into its territory and it will puff itself up to show off and intimidate. This is good to help you fish exercise and escape the mundane.

However, it is only recommended that you use it once in a while than placing it permanently in the aquarium.

That can only trick the betta to think there is a threat of another fighter fish and feel pressured.

Any simple makeup mirror will be a good toy for the betta. You can lower it with a string attached so that it is easily removed when needed.

5. Laser Pointers

laser pointer

Just like a cat chasing after light, so will a betta fish after the laser pointer.

These highly intelligent fishes love to chase after the light. You can be sitting at a distance away, activate your laser pointer and enjoy watching your betta going after a wild chase.

For this activity to be successful, we recommend that you do not have too many items in your aquarium.

This might make it difficult for the Betta to spot the light.

Have a simple background that makes following the laser pointer easy.

6. Leaf Hammock

betta fish leaf hammock

Besides being a decorative and a supplement to the ecosystem, aquatic plants make a good toy for bettas.

In the wild, bettas are often found in shallow waters and they love to find resting places near the surface.

Just by using a large artificial leaf that is attached to a suction pad, you can place this leaf hammock at the side ? few inches below the water surface.

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For your betta?s safety, do remove any metal parts that can cause rusting and jagged edges that can potentially cut through their fins. Rust is also a pollutant to their eco- system.

With all the precautions in place, it is only a matter of time before you find your fighting fish hanging by the hammock to relax.

There you have it for all the betta lovers out there.

While bettas are more sensitive and need more attention in setting up its ecosystem, it is not difficult to create a sustainable and healthy environment to rear your fighting fishes.

These are just some of many simple and cost-effective DIY practices that give you much space to explore your creative expression towards your beloved pet.

From here, you can derive more ideas to come up with creative ideas to entertain your bettas and engage their territorial personalities.