Is Betta Fish Fighting Illegal?

Is Betta Fish Fighting Illegal?

Does Bettas fighting illegal? The simple answer is yes, there are legal issues surrounding this matter. It is illegal in many states and throughout most of Asia and Western Europe.


Is betta fish fighting illegal

To be perfectly honest, I do not know how long it has been since you have encountered a Betta Fish.

But, if you have ever tried to put a Betta Fish into a tank and then removed them for fear of fighting, you have probably noticed the “sickness” the fish experiences in the tank or maybe even after.

The fish will typically become depressed and lethargic. This sickness is generally caused by stress from having to fight against a rival fish that may be a stronger and bigger version of the fish you just put in.

I am not telling you not to keep Betta Fish as pets.

In fact, in many cases they are fun to have around.

Organized Betta Fish Fights – Are They Illegal in the US?

One would be amazed by the number of pet shops which sell such un-organized betta fish fights.

It should be known to everyone that such fights are absolutely illegal in the United States and there are no rules that are punishable by a hefty fine if caught.

The first question is how these fights got started in the first place? I am not exactly sure because the owner may not have realized what they are doing was illegal or may not have even realized it themselves.

They may have been buying fish from a pet store and when one of the fish bites another fish knowingly that both male betta fish are not meant to be in one tank which will result in fighting, they do not notice that they have actually been violating an ordinance.

The fact is that if they get any type of fight they will instinctively protect their own territory.

As a result they will do whatever they can to make sure that there is enough room for the fish to move around freely without any danger of getting into a fight.

Are You Using Mirror Betta Fish in Your Fish Tanks?

However, there are some people that feel that using mirror bettas in fish aquariums is not good because the fish will be tempted to think there is another betta fish and always flare fins all the time which is not natural.

Mirror Keep a Betta Fish healthy if used occasionally

mirror keep betta fish  flexing their fins to offset boredom and depression

The mirror keeping betta fish is a fascinating process that allows these fish to feel like they are in their aquarium as well as giving them the opportunity to exercise and show off their amazing beauty.

The mirror keeping betta fish is a brilliant idea to help this type of fish to enjoy his environment whilst showing off his fin and scales.

This is an excellent idea to keep him in constant contact with the water as well as keeping him entertained. It can be difficult for the betta fish to be aware of what is going on in his environment so being able to view his own reflection can help him know what to do next.

It is also good for him to learn how to swim and to be able to exercise his muscles in order to give them the best possible workout.

Many owners of the mirror keeping betta fish aquarium are aware of how important it is to allow the fish to exercise in order to keep his health in check.

The mirror keeping betta fish allows the fish to exercise his muscles as well as exercise his mind in the form of playing with his mirror.

As well as using the mirror to exercise, he will also use the mirror to see where he has laid his food.

It is very important to feed the fish a good quality diet. If this fish is not fed a good diet, then it is very likely that he will become obese. He will become extremely lethargic and depressed and will begin to display all the physical signs of depression.

Southeast Asian Breed of Siamese Fighting Fish

Southeast Asia breed Siamese fighting fish for centuries staged battles

Southeast Asia breed Siamese fighting fish for hundreds of years staged fights in the streets of Bangkok, Phuket, and the likes. The fights were sometimes between two individuals but other times they were between families.

A lot of people think that only Thai bred and imported Siamese fighting fish are from Thailand and it is actually true that they are indeed bred there but there are also many breeds and fish from other Asian countries.

The main difference is that the Siamese from Thailand tend to be more aggressive than those from the other countries.

Siamese fighting fish have been bred for thousands of years and some breeds even have been used by the royalty in ancient China.

This is why it is very important to have a good diet along with a good water supply for them.

It is also essential to have good nutrition because the Siamese fighting fish can only survive if they are fed properly.

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