Why betta fish make bubbles?


If you have betta fish in your fish tank, you must have seen them making bubbles.

This is one of the biggest questions that betta fish owners come across. Hence, you will get the interest to deep dive and learn more about the betta fish bubbles.

betta fish bubble nest

What exactly are betta fish bubbles?

The male betta fish blow bubbles.

When they keep on blowing bubbles, you will be able to see bubble clusters on the top of your fish tank.

These bubbles are blown for reproduction purposes. In fact, it can be considered as the very first step taken in the mating process. When the male betta fish get younger and when they are ready for reproduction, they produce betta fish. This is not something done with betta fish lonely feelings.

They do it with the objective of reproducing.

The bubbles that male betta fish blow are in a position to act as a safe cloud for the betta fish eggs.

In fact, the betta fish eggs require enhanced protection throughout the incubation process. Until the little betta fish become old to swim to the surface of the water and receive oxygen, they need to be covered. The bubbles are in a position to provide excellent assistance to them with that.

The betta fish bubbles are often being called as foam nests because of their appearance.

These foam nests are being created through blow oral secretion bubbles and gulping air.

This takes place on the surface of the water. That?s why you can see them floating on the surface of the water, inside your fish tank.

When you take a look at the fish tank, you can easily spot the betta fish bubbles.

They are a collection of bubbles and they keep on floating on the surface of the water.

The male betta fish can go ahead and build the bubble nest without getting the assistance of a female betta fish.

Even if you have male betta fish in your fish tank, you will be able to see the bubbles due to the above-mentioned reason. But if there are only female betta fish, you will not be able to find these bubbles as they do not produce the bubbles.

Mating in the wild

betta fish bubble nest

Now you know why you see betta fish bubbles in your fish tank. With that understanding, you might also be curious to know how betta fish would mate when they are in the wild.

Yes, the male betta fish make bubbles when they are ready to reproduce, no matter where they are. However, these bubbles are in a position to provide additional assistance to them, especially when they are in the wild. That?s because the male betta fish come across the need to fight for their territory while they are in the wild. That?s where the betta fish bubbles can assist them with.

The male betta fish prefer to create their territory with assistance if bubbles. Usually, this territory is being created under debris or leaves. This territory provides excellent assistance for the male betta fish to attract female betta fish for mating as well.

When the spawning has taken place, it is the responsibility of male betta fish to collect all the eggs into the mouth. Once all eggs are collected, they are kept inside the bubble nest.

The male betta fish prefer to stay closer to the bubble nest and provide the protection needed by the eggs as well. In fact, they make sure that no eggs are falling out of the bubble.

Moreover, they also provide protection to the bubbles against predators. This protection is offered until the young betta fish are old enough to assure their own survival.

Bubble nest-building frequency

Betta fish are unique from one to another. Hence, there is no predefined frequency for the buildup of betta fish bubbles. In other words, the nest-building practices would be different from one betta fish to another. Some betta fish are capable of building nests on a regular basis, whereas others don?t have the ability to do it.

Likewise, you will also notice that some betta fish bubble nests are large, whereas the others are small.

The thickness of these tests can also vary. It is possible for a betta fish owner to extract a lot of useful information out of these bubble nests. If your betta fish is producing these bubbles, you can assume that your betta fish is healthy and happy. In addition, you can conclude that the betta fish is grown enough for mating.

The betta fish tend to create bubble nests only when they feel safe. Hence, you can also figure out that your betta fish are feeling safe. He has been able to create his own territory within the tank. This can deliver a less-stressful environment for the male betta fish to spend their time as well.

If you have male betta fish and if they are not making betta fish bubbles, you should pay special attention towards it. However, you need to be careful that you don?t panic. You just need to make sure that an appropriate environment has been created for them to feel safe. Then you will be able to see them making betta fish bubbles.

You can also tempt your male betta fish to go ahead and make the betta fish bubbles. However, the positive results that you can get from this depend entirely on their behavior.

But it is worth to go ahead and try out, especially of your betta fish are not making bubbles. To begin with, you can introduce changes in the temperature, tank materials, rainfall, and few other barometric changes. In addition, you can think about adding more female or male betta fish into the tank. With these changes, it will be possible for you to experience significant changes within a short period of time.

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