How Betta fish mate?

betta mating

How Betta fish mate? Betta fish, also sometimes known as the Siamese fighting fish, is well-known for their aggressive nature and their tendency to defend their territory. However, betta fish have a really interesting mating phenomenon. When a male betta fish meets a female betta fish, they begin by doing what appears to be their … Read moreHow Betta fish mate?

Betta fish in the wild

betta fish in the wild rice paddies in thailand

Betta fish in the wild This article is all about the Betta fish. What makes these interesting creatures so unique and how did they went from fishes that lived in the wilderness hundreds of year ago to fishes that people watch nowadays in their aquariums. What exactly were the Betta fishes doing in the wilderness, … Read moreBetta fish in the wild

Why Do Betta Fish Fight?

betta fish

Why Do Betta Fish Fight? Betta fish, also dubbed Fighting fish, is a rare type of fish that is commonly used in the aquarium trade. This type of fish is seldom friendly to one another, most probably owing to its trait of being highly territorial. The fish’s antagonist behavior, coupled with their uniqueness in appearance, … Read moreWhy Do Betta Fish Fight?

Female Betta Fish

female betta fish

Female Betta fish The main focus on this article is the Betta fish and mainly the females. In the article you can also find information about the Betta fish such as what is their history, where do they get their name, what is the common behaviour that was noticed among both the male and female … Read moreFemale Betta Fish

Betta fish hammock

my betta fish tank with toys

BETTA FISH HAMMOCK A betta fish is a group of small, brightly colored fish, with ray fins, originating from southeast Asia. They have a labyrinth organ which helps them take in oxygen from the environment and they also possess gills that enable them to take in oxygen from water. They are capable of surviving outside … Read moreBetta fish hammock

Best Betta Fish Toys Reviews

my betta fish tank with toys

Best Betta Fish Toys Reviews Betta fish are extremely curious and smart. Source: They adore having objects in their tank to probe and interconnect with. However, before you place anything in your fish tank inspect for razor-sharp edges and ensure that these objects are secure to infiltrate the home of your betta fish, as … Read moreBest Betta Fish Toys Reviews

Rare Types of Betta fish

rare fantail betta

Rare Types of Betta Fish Betta fish, belonging to the Osphronemidae family, are amongst the most widely known freshwater fish. Their popularity can mainly be attributed to the fact that they are small and colorful pets with spectacular personalities. Also known as the Siamese fighting fish, Betta fish make a great choice for beginner aquarists … Read moreRare Types of Betta fish