It comes to mind that there are a lot of children and people who are young at heart. Begin the aquatic journey by starting off with a Betta Fish or Siamese fighting fish.

The aim of the website is to educate how to properly take care of the Betta Fish. The website has a lot of information and tutorials on rearing up properly on the Betta Fish.

I’m Francis and young at heart and always enjoy my idle moments in caring and maintaining tropical fishes at home.

It is very relaxing for me to watch my fish which is situated beside my work desk.

I partly grew up in southeast Asia where there are a lot of abundant varieties of fish being kept as first pets. In Asia, this fish is very common and often sold at the fish and pet centers.

The picture below depicts the common look in most parts of Asia where they sell a mix of plants, small pets, tropical and marine fish for the discerning customer.


Everywhere in Asia such as the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Southern China has a very strong affinity with aquatic fishes. The first bond would be the Guppy, Siamese fighting fish, and the likes.

There will be abundant information and resources on this unique aquatic fish as a pet.

If you think that you wanted your Betta Fish to be shared then you can always contact me and I can put the details on the blog as latest posts for everyone to share.

I hope in the future there will be a forum and discussion all about this magnificent fish.

This site is a one-stop for all from caring for maintaining it. There is also a guide on setting up the aquarium.

The Siamese fighting fish is a very nice pet that would also serve as an anti-stress reliever at home and at work if you prefer to care one at your workplace.

I will also be providing information, help, and recommendation on where to buy the most appropriate: aquarium, filter, aerator, gravel, food, plant and decor for your pet.

This will also serve as providing your children and people who are young at heart to be responsible owners as an easy to maintain starter fish which is unique.