Best Betta Fish Toys Reviews

my betta fish tank with toys

Best Betta Fish Toys Reviews Betta fish are extremely curious and smart. Source: They adore having objects in their tank to probe and interconnect with. However, before you place anything in your fish tank inspect for razor-sharp edges and ensure that these objects are secure to infiltrate the home of your betta fish, as … Read moreBest Betta Fish Toys Reviews

Rare Types of Betta fish

rare fantail betta

Rare Types of Betta Fish Betta fish, belonging to the Osphronemidae family, are amongst the most widely known freshwater fish. Their popularity can mainly be attributed to the fact that they are small and colorful pets with spectacular personalities. Also known as the Siamese fighting fish, Betta fish make a great choice for beginner aquarists … Read moreRare Types of Betta fish